Overview Digitalarkivet

Digitalarkivet contains most of the digitised sources in the National Archive in Norway. Some of the sources are made searchable in one large database with more than 20 mill. records. The rest of the sources are scanned images that you can read yourself.

Front Page

This is what you meet when you go to Digitalarkivet. The content is not finalized yet and might therefore change from time to time.

The most important parts are the dark blue area at the top where you start Your search, and the section in the middle labeled Shortcuts. From this section you can og directly to different parts of Digitalarkivet. From here you can Select a census or you can og to the digitised (scanned original pages) Church records.

Searching and Wild Cards

As opposite to many other large databases with historic sources, at Digitalarkivet you have to use exact search. There are no option for search with Soundex or "Sounds Like" and your result lists will only contain records that match your search exactly. Since there are a lot of spelling variations in the database, this complicates searching somewhat. I have looked at the given name Elisabet in the 1865 census and found at least 86 spelling variations.

Kilder i Trondheimsbasen

Trondheimsbasen i den versjonen som ble sluppet i november 2014 består av over 600 forskjellige kilder. Her finner du lista over disse kildene.
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