John Swarva

John Swarva

He was according to several Sources in the US born in Norway 3 July 1895. He died in Napa, California 3 Mar 1986. The task in this example is to find his grandparents in Norway.


It is important that before you go to Norwegian records, you should collect as much information as possible about the person in America.

The records shown at the top are from Family Search and show one census record, two draft cards and 4 death records. Together they give quite a lot of information. This can be summarized like this:

Name: John Swarva
Birth: 3 July 1895 (one record says 1896)
Birthplace: Snaasa, Norway
Mothers maden name: Heinveg


One type of records that are missing, is his immigration. It is possible that his immigration is not recorded, but that is very unlikely.

First search at the Digitalarkivet

Now that we have his name from his arrival in America, we can og to the Norwegian sources to se what we could find. The Digitalarkivet you will find at this address:

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