Om meg / About me

I was born 1948 in Trondheim, Norway and is now a retired employee of The Regional State Archive of Trondheim. This is a division of The National Archive of Norway. My primary obligations at the archive was working with the users of the archived material. That included helping people with what kind of material was available and how they could use it. It also included giving presentations in different fora about the archive and what might be found there. I also answered questions from people who addressed the archive by email, ordinary mail or by telephone.

The main association for genealogists in Norway is The Genealogical Society of Norway (DIS-Norge). I was the elected chairman for the national board of this organization 2004-2006. I have also had several positions in the regional branch of the organization included elected chairman. I am also a frequently used speaker at the meetings for members and others.

I have, with the Norwegian TV-celebrity Tore Strømøy, written a book about starting with genealogy in Norway, called “På sporet av deg selv”. I have also written several articles for local historical year-books.

In the Norwegian edition of Who Do You Think You Are on National Television NRK, I have been one of the main researchers and presenters in 4 episodes.
For the regional branch of the Genealogical Society (DIS), I have developed a searchable database with more than 1.8 mill. records. They are from more than 900 different sources and mostly from the middle part of Norway. The transcriptions of the data have mainly been done by members of the regional DIS. This database called Trondheimsbasen is very popular and has up to now sold in more than 1500 examples.

After I retired I have developed several different courses in genealogy. One is a course about starting genealogical research in Norway. It is a 12-hour course divided in 4 lessons. Ohers are advanced courses covering several different themes. These courses have become very popular and I have up until the present given more than 20 different courses.
I was a speaker at Rootstech in 2014 and 2016, talking mostly about using the Digital Archive in Norway in genealogical searches and I am invited to speak at the 2017 conference.

In addition to being a speaker at previous Rootstech conferences, I have given numerous presentation in Norway for genealogy interested people. I have also given more than 20 courses about different themes in connecction to genealogy research, each course is about 12 hours long.

In 2017 I was also invited as a instructor at Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy - SLIG-2017 - where I have talked about several aspects of Scandinavian genealogy.